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ANNA (Gr. form of Hannah, grace). Daughter of Phanuel of the tribe of Asher. Widowed after seven years of marriage, she became a prophetess. At the age of 84, when Jesus was brought into the temple to be dedicated, she recognized and proclaimed him as the Messiah (Luke 2:36-38).*
ANNA (grace). A widow and prophetess who at the age of 84 recognized Jesus as the Messiah when He was brought into the Temple (Luke 2:36-38).*
ASHER, ASER* (happy).  

1. The second son of Zilpah, the hand-maid whom Leah gave to  Jacob; named "Happy" by Leah in her happiness at his birth (Gen 30:13).  He had five children (46:17). 
2. The tribe that descended from  Asher (Josh 19:24-31). It was given the territory along the  Mediterranean in the NW corner of Palestine, but failed to drive out the  Canaanite inhabitants and settled down to dwell among them. It was  evidently insignificant by David's time, for Asher is omitted in the  list of David's chief rulers (1 Chron 27:16-22).
* Excerpted from Compton's Interactive Bible NIV
Copyright (c) 1994, 1995, 1996 SoftKey Multimedia Inc. All Rights Reserved
PHANUEL* (face of God [El]). Father of Anna the prophetess (Lk 2:36).
PROPHETESS. (Heb. neviah, Gr. prophetis). A woman who exercised the prophetic gift in ancient Israel or in the early church. There are at least five women bearing this designation in the OT: (1) Miriam, sister of Moses (Exod 15:20); (2) Deborah (Judg 4:4); (3) Huldah (2 Kings 22:14); (4) Noadiah (Neh 6:14); and (5) the unnamed wife of Isaiah, whose children were given prophetic names by Isaiah (Isa 8:3). In the NT there was Anna (Luke 2:36), and Philip the evangelist's four daughters (Acts 21:8-9). After Pentecost the differentiation between sexes regarding prophetic gifts was removed (Acts 2:19; cf. Joel 2:28).* 
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