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HERODIAS (Gr. Herodias). A wicked granddaughter of Herod the Great who married her uncle Philip; but his brother Antipas saw her at Rome, desired her, and married her. When John the Baptist rebuked Herod Antipas (Luke 3:19-20), John was imprisoned (Matt 14:3-12; Mark 6:14-29). This did not satisfy Herodias, so by a sordid scheme she secured his death. Later Antipas was banished to Spain. Herodias accompanied him and died there.*

* Excerpted from Compton's Interactive Bible NIV
Copyright (c) 1994, 1995, 1996 SoftKey Multimedia Inc. All Rights Reserved
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HERODIAS (feminine form of Herod). Granddaughter of Herod the Great who had John the Baptist put to death (Mt 14:3-6; Mk 6:17; Lk 3:19).*

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